Nadia Immobiliare
Nadia Immobiliare
Nadia Immobiliare

Via Roma, 13B
Sassello - Savona

+39 331 6534532

Arca Consulting was born from the collaboration between me, Tommaso Badano, founder of the agency Arcadia Immobiliare in 2010, and two valuable colleagues: Nadia Caviglia and Franco Grillo, both owners of their own agency and operating in the real estate market for decades.

For me it was a precise choice, namely to dedicate myself to something that has always fascinated and fascinated me: the house and everything around it. Personally, born in the "distant" 1966, I arrived at real estate after many work experiences in various sectors, passing through the public administration, the ceramic industry, shipbuilding, hotel tourism, both in Italy and abroad. Family events and the birth of his sons Leonardo and Sofia, born in 2005 and 2010, convinced me that it was time to go home and create my own job. Real estate is one of the main sectors of the economy in every country on our continent and it is also a very delicate sector - where families commit most of their resources - and for this reason worthy of the utmost attention. It is not for nothing that I dedicated my thesis on my degree in economics to the home and real estate sector: a first step before continuing my studies with a master's degree in international relations.

All three together we now offer real estate brokerage services, technical and legal consultancy, real estate valuation (UNI 11558 certification, Chamber of Commerce expert and CTU Tribunale di Savona), interpreting and translation of deeds (Chamber of Commerce expert).

Gone are the days when you bought a house "seen and liked" with a handshake and when the mediator was limited to the fundamental but all in all not very responsible role of bringing the parties together, as our civil code still states. Now - in the era of the prevailing bureaucracy - a professional mediator must achieve adequate competence in many areas for the simple reason that he has the great responsibility of ensuring, even before arriving before notaries and architects, that the property put up for sale is regular from every point of view. Not only must it be free of vices and surprises from a building point of view, but it must also be compliant from an urban and cadastral point of view as well as clear and transparent on the mortgage side. In addition to this, especially in our green areas, there are also landscape restrictions, agrarian prelates, various types of easements, hydrogeological arrangements, etc., etc. All aspects which, if not dealt with well and in good time, could lead to an inappropriate choice. It is not always an easy job: rather the opposite, since surprises are never lacking. All three together, it will be even easier to find the right solution for and with our clients in every respect.

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