Agenzia Domus Immobiliare

Via Fiumi Marina, 142 - 73055 - Racale - Lecce
Teléfono: +39 0833 901217
Agenzia Domus Immobiliare

The AGENZIA DOMUS Immobiliare of Paola Piscopello presence on the territory since 2001, strong passion for the beauty of Salento and the natural predisposition to reception, offering its customers high quality services.

The AGENZIA DOMUS Immobiliare provides its customers with reliability, competence and transparency in its services, having a main objective that of a clear and satisfactory relationship with the customer.

Why choose AGENZIA DOMUS Immobiliare for the promotion of your property?

  • Carefully evaluate your property fully reflect the commercial value of the same , with the aim of achieving maximum results in the shortest time possible.
  • We carry out a detailed photo shoot of your property in order to convey to potential customers, already in the first meeting in our offices, maximum clarity and understanding about all the peculiarities of the property .
  • We have two websites and extremely functional and detailed for the promotion of your property , for sale or rent : for each property we provide pictures , plants, descriptions, location and indication of price range.
  • Our offices are open every day of the week and in any case we are always available by phone .
  • We keep our customers informed on the developments of advertising promotion on the response of the market and of any interest , as well as potential negotiation in respect of their property .
  • Here the task is free of charge , you will recognize the commission of 2% only at the conclusion of the deal.

Why choose AGENZIA DOMUS Immobiliare for the purchase of a property?

  • Contacting our offices you can choose between all the different types of properties and the various price ranges for each of them , the one that best suits your space requirements, location and budget.
  • Total willingness to make visits to the property identified in any day and time of the week in an attempt to respond to your work or family commitments .
  • We will , once you have found your new home , follow you step by step throughout the process , from the negotiation until the time of final purchase , giving you expert advice and real estate 360 ° .
  • Here the task is free of charge , you will recognize the commission of 2% only at the conclusion of the deal.

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